Are you aware of how you come across every time you speak?


Time is the most precious commodity you and I have. That’s why improving your speaking skills right now is absolutely critical. Not for you. For your audience. Even more so, if you currently have no awareness of how you come across every single time you speak. 

All too often I hear people say,  “communication skills are really important to me” and yet they do absolutely nothing to improve them. Literally NOTHING. It’s [email protected]!!$**t. Don’t be that person. Your audience wants you to be engaging and memorable even if they don’t know it. Whether that be one person or 10,000.  

The chances are, you’ve been communicating in your own way for years right? Maybe even decades. That means you’ll have some habits that don’t support you. Do you know what they are? Possibly not.   

I recommend you have a peek at the Transformation page where you’ll see some Before and After videos and video testimonials from my clients. I could keep typing more text for you to read, however It’s nowhere near as powerful as what you’ll see. Even then, the only true way to experience the value and importance of enhancing your skills, is to feel it and live it yourself.  

Whether you engage with me or another coach/trainer, promise yourself this: “I will take time to invest in my skills. Because I care about my audience THAT much”. 

Accelerate Your Speaking Skills 

Accelerate Your



 <<<< Watch Yourself Back

One of the most powerful things you and I can do, is have the courage to watch ourselves back. It’s not the easiest thing. In fact, most of my clients, when we start the process,  hate it. However, the aim is to be able to detach emotionally from what you are seeing. Instead, being able to look at the footage objectively and assess it technically is vital.

The more you are able to do this, the quicker your skills will improve.

Learn What The Pro’s Do >>>>

I’ve got so many cool tools and strategies to share with you that I’ve learnt as a professional comedy actor. 

The image you can see to the right is a fantastic exercise that goes hyper detailed into HOW you say what you say. 

The first part is understanding the beats of how you speak. The second part is knowing the words that need tonal emphasis for maximum impact. Finally, we move on to the words that need honouring to create a deeper level of emotional connection between you and your audience. 


What Clients Say…

What Clients Say…

Warning Signs You May Have Vomiticus Contentinaatum

Warning Signs You May Have Vomiticus Contentinaatum


  • You don’t have any awareness of how you come across, every time you speak.
  • You’ve never had any official coaching or training for public speaking, presentation or communication skills. Or the little you have had, has been forgotten.  
  • You aren’t sure how to connect emotionally with your content/message 
  • You focus way too much on your content  
  • The little voice in your head says more unsupportive things rather than positive one 
  •  You don’t have any or very little awareness of your visual impact.  

Vomiticus Contentinaatum is also known as Puking Content. It can leave your audience feeling numb, unconnected and very sleepy.  

Think for a moment, about all the talks, presentations, seminars, trainings, speeches, team meetings you’ve seen in your entire career. What percentage of the time have you been bored? Be honest.  

I’ve asked that question to well over 3,000 people over the last 12 years Shockingly, people were bored between 50-90% of the time. It’s not on.  

“audiences always remember HOW you make them feel not what you say”